I have been installing wood flooring for 42 years. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a real wood floor.

Reality check: Do you have kids, pets, heavy traffic, and not much time for maintenance?

Laminate flooring is the answer. The new generation of laminate flooring is very authentic, and super durable. It has an aluminum oxide and melamine finish, making it very difficult to scratch or dent. Real wood has urethane or polyurethane (plastic) finish and is very easy to scratch and dent.

I don’t trust the floating wood floors. They are a fairly new invention and don’t fit together like a European laminate. If you glue a wood floor to any substrate (concrete or wood sub floor) and you need a repair or partial replacement, you can forget it. All of the beautiful UV light baked finishes can’t be repaired.

Laminate flooring on the other hand is easily repaired. There are no dye lots to match. You can unlock the boards and do single or multiple panel replacements. The cushion effect that laminate flooring offers makes them very comfortable to live on and with.

I have seen the quality of engineered wood flooring degenerate yearly over the last 42 years. The wear layers are now very thin and almost all of it is now manufactured in China.

I have found the Europeans make the best flooring materials in the world, and that’s what I like to sell.

And the best thing about laminate flooring? The price!

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