Mario M.

Upon purchase of my first home I wanted to replace the carpet in the living and dining areas with laminate wood flooring. I spent a good many hours on the web doing price comparisons as well as determining what brands of flooring would offer the most durability, ease of install, and best price. Kronoswiss, a European flooring brand, fulfilled each of my criteria.

The next step was to find a dealer that carried Kronoswiss in or around the Austin area as I did not feel comfortable ordering 400+ square feet of product and having it shipped. Direct Source Flooring came up as one of the first businesses in my Google search for “Kronoswiss Austin”. Their website is very informative and easy to navigate. What drew me to them more so than anything else was the pricing for the flooring and the selection. DSF obviously has a great affinity for the Kronoswiss product and they carry an ample stock and selection.

In order to obtain the special pricing and offer they had online at the time, I had to make a trip to their primary location in Houston (I have since found out that they work almost exclusively out of that address and have only a warehouse in Austin). Being a former resident of H-town, I make the drive there quite often for Astros games and had no issue whatsoever in making the roadie (especially for DSF’s prices!).

The proprietor, Daryl, is a wealth of information and always was available to take my calls from Austin and answer all my questions. When I arrived in town he went over each install step in great detail and made precise calculations as to my flooring needs so that I would not come up short during my project. He even provides a self-produced DVD that covers all the bases and makes the first-time DIY’er approach the task with confidence.

I could not be happier with the outcome of my new floor and will not hesitate in recommending both Kronoswiss and DSF to anyone interested in installing their own laminate wood flooring.