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Kronoswiss Flooring

We have sold this product for 10 years. and the quality and consistency of it  is incredibly good.  It is also one of the highest rated products made at any price.  It is built to take the abuse that kids and pets can dish out.  Direct Source Flooring is one of the top importers of Kronoswiss flooring in the U.S.  Look no further.

When it comes to Kronoswiss laminate floors this is not an exaggeration. Guaranteed by the high-density moulded fibreboard, it thrives on being a busy stage for the feet of children, adults and furniture. When it comes to laying, comfort and cleaning, all the various types available are first-class. All different, they like nothing better than using their visual charms to flirt and vie with each other, each hoping to catch your eye and be the boards that you will tread. Direct Source Flooring is your direct Kronoswiss source.

Why choose laminate floors over wood floors?

Direct Source Flooring has the largest stock of Kronoswiss in Texas. Look no further.

Below you will find descriptions of many of the styles and colors that we sell.  If you have any questions, feel free to call Daryl at 281-734-7574 or contact us.


Even when subjected to intensive use, its elegant looks make a strong and lasting impression. AC-3 rated.

  • /Price: $1.09/sf
  • /Thickness: 7mm
  • /Rating: AC-3
Brazilian Cherry – D1289 WG Merbau – D1460 PR


Three decorative finishes with relief effects generate discreet patterns of light and shadow. AC-4 rated.

  • /Price: $1.19/sf
  • /Thickness: 8mm
  • /Rating: AC-4
Wild Cherry- D1365 WG Merbau- D2281 WG Legacy Oak – D1215 WG

Sorel Maple – D2302 WG Tropical Wenge – D2420 WG Original Oak – D2246 WG
Doussi – D2280WG American Walnut – D2300

Noblesse (with beveled edge)

  • /Price: $1.29/sf
  • /Thickness: 8mm
  • /Rating: AC-4
Legacy Oak – D4220 NM Teak – D1238

Swiss-Authentic Antico (Handscraped look)

  • /Price: $1.59/sf
  • /Thickness: 8mm
  • /Rating: AC-4

Heritage Birch – D 3013 AT President Hickory – D 3059 AT
*Purchased at second quality, on sale for $1/ft*
Colonial Hickory – D3058AT

Swiss Plank Natural

The innovative laminate floor attracts with its unique elegance, thanks to the stylishly slim panels and genuine wood appearance. AC-4 rated, 20 yr. warranty.

  • /Price: $1.69/sf
  • /Thickness: 10mm
  • /Rating: AC-4
Canyon Oak – D2469 Cavallo Oak – D2431 Camargue Oak – D2833
Bali Merbau – D8018 BS

Premium Colors

Unique and hard to find colors.

Wenge – D854 PR
Swiss Plank Elite
Price: $1.79/sf
Arosa Oak – D3030 CP
SyncChrome (8mm)
Price: $1.69/sf
Oak Oristano – D8009WG
Price: $1.69/sf